What are Nootropics Made Of?

Nootropics are supplements that enhance brain activity where the brain can function better than it normally does. The functioning of the brain is a vital part of being human and when it works slowly, it tends to be a disadvantage to you as an individual.

The use of nootropics has become quite popular among people. They are used by all age groups and this drug is now used by perfectly healthy people to allow them to boost their brain functions.

Just as the ingredients used for smart drugs are different from those used for the nootropics, it is quite a task to make a nootropic drug. To know which kind of nootropic you are using you need to know the different types of nootropics that are inexistence.

What are Nootropics Made Of?

Natural and synthetic nootropics

There are different types of nootropics which can be taken by an individual. If you are interested in taking these drugs,you are given an option of either using chemically manufactured supplements, or those that have been made by herbs and natural substances.

Chemically made nootropics are made of compounds that aredesigned to help the performance of the brain. The chemicals are mixed with a lot of care toensure the safety of the drug when taken; you can, therefore, take the drug without much worry.

There are natural nootropics that are made of natural ingredients. They have similar functions to the synthetic nootropics and have no negative effects on the person taking them.

You can also take either of the drugs as they both have the same effect on the brain of a person and have no negative effects attached to them.


Huperzine-A is believed to be derived from the Chinese clubmoss. The final result of a drug made by the huperzine-A is quite effective; it has been certified to be harmless to the human being. The supplement is also believed not to be toxic in any way. It has significant memory improvements and has also been used to help those with Alzheimer’s disease.


CBD is made of different supplements that are quite favorable to brain enhancement. Its numerous properties help protect the nerve cells in the brain. These properties have been known to have the power to slow or prevent damage to the brain especially if it originates from disease. It is also known to prevent forms of dementia and neurodegeneration as well. It has been known to have counter effects on the smoking of weed.

Ginkgo biloba

The leaves of this tree have been used for over a century for the improvement of the brain’s activity. This nootropic is useful for anxiety reduction, as well as a good cognitive performance.


This is an amino acid that is available in pill form. It is taken to aid an individual during a depressive state. It increases the amount of serotonin available in the brain, which is the remedy to depression. it has also been discovered to help in the reduction of memory deficits in a person.

Bacopa monnieri

This extract from the Brahmi plant helps the brain in so many ways. It has been known to reduce anxiety and is also a good supplement that helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

It also helps improve the memory of a person and helps in eye-hand coordination. In case of insomnia and concentration issues, the bacopa has been recommended to be a very good remedy.

Lion’s mane

This mushroom has been known for its ability to enhance cognitive functionality of the brain. The full potential of the mushroom has been tested and verified to have a positive impact on the brain of a human being. It is also suspected to be able to reduce anxiety and depression.


Although you can easily go to a pharmacy and buy pre-packaged combination nootropics, you can also combine individual nootropics if you know the different supplements and the effects they have on the body.The above mentioned are just a few of the nootropic supplements that are available to address the different deficits in the operation of the brain.

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