Scholar’s Secret Nootropic Review

A nootropic is a drug that when you take it, it positively alters the way your brain works. For instance, it boosts your confidence, you get more motivation, become more alert and able to concentrate for longer, and it enhances your brain’s cognition.

There are two main types of nootropics, namely the synthetic/chemical and natural nootropics.  From their names, natural nootropics come from natural ingredients, while experts in a laboratory carefully manufacture synthetic nootropics by combining various chemicals.

In this article, we are going to discuss how nootropics work, if they are any different from “smart drugs,” and later on, provide you with an example of one.

Scholar’s Secret Nootropic Review

How do nootropics work?

Apart from enhancing the cognitive function of the brain, nootropics are responsible for other functions such improving motivation and boosting alertness levels. To achieve all these, nootropics have special ingredients that form them up.

The different chemicals in the nootropics perform different functions in your brain. For instance, if we take piracetam as an example, it has the ability to boost two main types of glutamate receptors namely AMPA and NDMA. In addition to that, the chemical is responsible for the widening of blood vessels, thereby boosting the amount of blood flow towards the central nervous system.

What are the main characteristics of nootropics?

Before taking nootropics, it is important to know their characteristics. Here are some of the main ones:

  • When taken, they can cause increased neural activities in either one or several parts of your brain
  • They boost the amount of energy in your brain by increasing the levels of ATP
  • Due to the increased levels of blood flow to your brain, nootropics are responsible for causing an increased oxygen supply to your brain, which is a good thing
  • Nootropics can also act as positive allosteric modulators of glutamate receptors

Are nootropics different from smart drugs?

Many users frequently ask this question. The answer to it is yes they are very different. Nootropics only affect the areas that enjoin the right and the left hemispheres of your brain. Using scientific lexicon, this part of the brain is known as the corpus callosum.

This differentiates them from “smart drugs” as they cause minimal to no effect on the central nervous system of the brain. This also explains why nootropics are not harmful to the user.

To further enhance your understanding and provide you with an option if you want to buy a nootropic, we will give you an example of one below.

Scholar’s Secret Nootropic

This is a product of the VOX Nutrition Company based in the USA. For it to rank among the best, these nootropics come with many beneficial features. Here are some of them:

Provides memory enhancement

If you are a student or a worker who needs to have a good memory then this one is perfect for you. The nootropic uses the latest scientific techniques to enhance its formulation and for increasing your memory capacity alongside clarity.

Boosts your concentration levels

If you have a problem with your concentration, Scholar’s Secret Nootropic can help you boost your level of alertness. From its name, it can help you achieve your scholarly dreams and be able to attain your goals. The level of your brain’s creativity goes up significantly.

Guarantee of satisfaction

If a drug is going to affect important parts of your body such as your brain, it is not worth the risk taking them if they do not guarantee safety and satisfaction. This is what Scholar’s Secret Nootropic provides you. When you take this drug, you get immediate results with zero risks.

To prove this, the manufacturing company asks you to return the product if you do not get the satisfaction you desire. That is how the company is confidence in its products.

Cuts mental fatigue

After a long day at work, you may be very tired, including mentally. By taking this drug on a regular basis, it will give you the brain boost that you need; it keeps your brain going and boosts its ability to maintain focus.

Is there any disadvantage of using this drug?

Like any other drug, you might experience some mild side effects. This serves as an undoing to most drugs, including Scholar’s Secret Nootropics. In addition, the supplement only provides a temporary solution as its effects fade away sometime after taking the drug.


You can take nootropics for various reasons including motivation, boosting your alertness levels, and enhancing the cognitive function of your brain.

If you are looking to purchase any of these supplements, you can check out Scholar’s Secret Nootropics. Though they may have a disadvantage of two, they can be of huge importance to how your brain works.

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