Optimind VS Alpha Brain: Which Boosts Memory Better?

Optimind VS Alpha Brain Which Boosts Memory Better

A person’s memory is very important since it enables one to gather, store, and access information and knowledge which are needed for the daily functions and processes of a human being. Nootropics are drug supplements which aim to promote and enhance the brain’s function to have a better memory.

This type of drug is especially helpful for individuals who are experiencing slower and reduced memory from various causes like aging and Alzheimer’s disease. For others who do not have health or age-related problems, taking nootropics to enhance memory are still helpful especially for students and individuals who need to have better memory performance to enable them to do their tasks effectively.

Having a correct intake of nootropic supplements can further assist the performance of the brain’s memory and cognitive properties which will then result in the improvement of the overall functions of the brain and the body.

There are various types of nootropic drugs in the market nowadays and it is very important that you understand which type will work best for you. Understanding the types and brands of nootropics can better help you have better memory performance.

Two of the most renowned nootropics sold in the market nowadays are OptiMind and Alpha Brain. In this article, we will discuss these two nootropic supplement brands to determine which one can work for you better.

OptiMind or Alpha Brain?

Both OptiMind and Alpha Brain contain L-Theanine, Vinpocetine, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, Huperzine-A, and Bacopa Monnieri which are effective nootropics that boost memory. These ingredients are helpful in the promotion of the brain’s synaptic plasticity which is the ability of the brain to create new connections and maintain old ones. While both of these brands contain the same ingredients, they provide different benefits.

OptiMind for Clearing Brain Fog

OptiMind contains ingredients that are meant to promote better memory and focus. It contains methylcobalamin B12, Tyrosine, GABA, and sulbutiamine which promotes better acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin production in the brain. The blend of ingredients in OptiMind claims that it can clear brain fog since it can promote focus and mental clarity.

A unique non-nootropic ingredient included in OptiMind is caffeine which can be either positive or negative depending on the individual.

Each serving of OptiMind contains caffeine that is comparable to the amount found in a cup of coffee. While caffeine can provide you a quick energy boost and alertness, some experience jitters when taking caffeine.

This ingredient is something that you should be aware of especially if you are advised against taking caffeine. OptiMind is approved by the FDA as having ingredients that give a positive effect on the brain’s cognition properties.


While the supplement facts located on the backside of the bottle lists the ingredients in each serving of OptiMind, the actual dosages are not indicated. OptiMind contains the following supplements and functions:

  • GABA- helps brain functions and lessens anxiety
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- helps protect the brain and nervous tissues from free radical damage and oxidative stress
  • Bacopa Monnieri- provides anti-stress and anti-anxiety
  • Phosphatidylserine- helps in promoting brain cognitive functions
  • Huperzine A- helps in supplying the brain with acetylcholine
  • Vitamin D- helps in preventing cognitive decline and depression
  • Vitamin B6- helps in improved neurotransmission
  • Vitamin B12- helps in the production of acetylcholine for better memory
  • Caffeine- stimulates the nervous system for alertness
  • Taurine- protects the brain from oxidative damage and promoting healthy neurotransmitters
  • Vinpocetine- has neuroprotective properties and helps in better blood flow

Alpha Brain for Brain Waves

Alpha Brain contains ingredients like Bacopa, Huperzine-A, L-Tyrosine, and AC-11 which are meant for improving the overall health of the brain, especially for those who are experiencing memory degeneration related to old age. The ingredients contained in Alpha Brain are meant to improve the brain’s productivity and letting it go to a “relaxed alertness” state.

It has the unique ingredient of AC-11 which is derived from the cat’s claw herbal ingredient. This ingredient boasts of boosting the brain’s overall functions which are great for people who suffer from memory problems due to old age. Alpha Brain is certified drug-free by the Banned Substance Control Group which assures their consumers that it is a safe memory booster supplement.


Just like OptiMind, Alpha Brain also lists the contents of each serving but does not actually break down the actual dosages. The ingredients in Alpha Brain are:

  • Cat’s Claw extract- helps in promoting better brain functions
  • Vitamin B6- helps in improving neurotransmission
  • L-Theanine- helps in the increase of GABA, dopamine, serotonin, and glycine production
  • Pterostilbene- helps fight cognitive decline related to aging
  • Oatstraw- helps in relaxation and anti-stress
  • Phosphatidylserine- helps improve cognitive functions and neuroprotective properties
  • L-Leucine- helps in the biosynthesis of amino acids
  • Alpha GPC- a choline compound that improves acetylcholine production
  • Huperzine A- helps in supplying the brain with acetylcholine for better memory
  • Bacopa- contains anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties
  • Vinpocetine- helps promote blood flow in the brain


Upon comparing the ingredients and contents of both memory boosting supplements, it can be quite hard to decide which is better. While OptiMind contains great nootropic ingredients, critics say that there is nothing great included in their formula.

On the other hand, the high amount of caffeine in each serving can even be problematic for some individuals. This gives Alpha Brain an edge with its unique AC-11 ingredient including all its other nootropic supplements that aim to boost brainpower.

While both nootropic supplements receive great reviews all over the internet, some prefer Alpha Brain since it does not contain caffeine which can be problematic for individuals who need to watch out on their daily caffeine intake.

On a side note, if you need to take brain enhancing and boosting supplements, it would be better to consult with your doctor first especially if you have a history of health problems and/or taking medications.

Your doctor can discuss with you which type of brain enhancer will work better for your age and overall health. While this type of supplement can easily be purchased anywhere, taking an extra step in identifying which one will work better for you depending on your specific mental and body considerations, will provide you with better results.

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