Nutrition Essentials Neuro Clarity: Nootropic Review

Nutrition Essentials Neuro Clarity: Nootropic Review

Nutrition Essentials Neuro Clarity happens to be one of the best-selling cognitive supplements currently listed on Amazon. It is heavily marketed as being a comprehensive means of settling mild anxiety, enhancing focus and improving general mental performance, but it also has another standout selling point.

Neuro Clarity is based upon a number of natural holistic ingredients focused on St. John’s Wort that serve to settle the mood and steady the nerves.

The theory is that by reducing stress with the mind, and achieving a steady equilibrium, then focus, attention span and memory will also naturally be enhanced. In essence, Neuro Clarity seeks to reduce the symptoms in order to improve performance.

Given the high sales ranking, clearly there’s no shortage of people who feel that Nutrition Essentials Neuro Clarity has been working for them. Let’s take a look at the key features of the product.


  • A comprehensive assortment of ingredients that all complement mental performance. They include:
  • St John’s Wort (250mg) – to prevent depression and mood imbalances
  • Phosphatidylserine complex (125mg) – protects and enhances brain membranes
  • Bacopa monnieri (100mg) – cognitive booster and natural antidepressant
  • Ginkgo biloba (50mg) – enhances memory function
  • Alongside other ingredients, these demonstrate that this nootropic is very much about settling and focusing the mind while also promoting a sense of calm. It is aimed squarely at lessening anxiety and stress while promoting mood regulation and focus
  • Includes plenty of choline-friendly ingredients, but no actual choline itself because not every user will necessarily be looking for this effect
  • One capsule represents a single dose with the suggestion that it be taken first thing in the morning
  • Made in the USA within FDA-certified labs, the veggie capsules use only the highest quality GMP approved holistic ingredients
  • No questions asked money-back guarantee


  • Designed for gentle mental well-being, so very unlikely to result in any side effects when taken alone. A solid choice for people who are prone to mild anxiety but without the various side effects that often come with clinically prescribed medicine. The effects are subtle and build gradually over time rather than as a sudden rush, and there’s no reported issues with withdrawal either
  • As a supplement, includes no overt stimulants it pairs very well with caffeine. Many people find the when they begin to take nootropics designed to improve mental function that they feel actually over-stimulated when paired with caffeine, and that the results can actually be counterproductive. Neuro Clarity is designed to avoid any risk of this, making it a very good choice for those new to nootropics
  • This supplement is packed with ingredients that will support anyone looking to enhance their choline levels, but contains no choline itself. It would work very well in supporting a choline-focused stack
  • John’s Wort is a well-known supplement yet quite rare to be used within a nootropic product. It has a solid track record over many years of promoting mental balance and well-being, and is likely going to be even more effective with the many complementary ingredients contained within Neuro Clarity
  • A well-manufactured, tried and tested product that already has helped a huge number of people. If it didn’t work it wouldn’t be right at the top of the Amazon supplements table
  • Easy dosage—just one pill at a time. Feedback suggests that for some people the benefits become noticeable quickly, but for most people it tends to build up gently


  • While capable of delivering considerable benefits, St. John’s Wort has been known to interact badly with quite a number of medications. Anyone who takes a prescribed medicine ought to check with their medical practitioner before taking up Neuro Clarity
  • Although this supplement is very popular, this is thanks to it also being very benign. While this is great for many people, for some it’s likely not going to provide enough of a “boost.” As outlined above, this is a nootropic all about maintaining a settled sense of balance, not necessarily about directly encouraging a greater level of cognitive performance


Nutrition Essentials Neuro Clarity is clearly popular for very good reasons. In terms of leveling out and balancing mood, there’s an awful lot to recommend about the product, and clearly a great deal of thought has been put into using ingredients to complement St. John’s Wort.

This being said, it has to be noted that while a solid product that is proven to work, Neuro Clarity is geared very much towards helping those with mild anxiety and stress. For many people that’s exactly what’s required, but bear in mind that it may—when taken alone—not seem to provide much of a difference.

However, there’s no question that this is a supplement that has a proven track record of really helping people with mild ailments.

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