Nootropics are sometimes confused with smart drugs. However, they are quite different, even though they have the same functionality. They are mainly used to improve memory activity, to jog their memory, and help the functioning of the brain.

They are substances taken in form of supplements. They are drugs that have been determined to help in boosting brain activities; basically, they have no negative effects on the brain even after a long period of usage.

The oldest nootropic is dated 40 years ago. It was created by a Romanian psychologist. At that time, it was known as piracetam. The drug was used to improve the functioning of the brain, enhance learning, memory and some brain abilities, and for the protection of the brain.

In recent years, there have been several new types of nootropics which have been introduced to the market. When the manufacture of nootropics began, it was believed that all nutraceuticals, functioning foods, brain enhancing drugs, and brain supplements would be included in the category of nootropics.


Nootropics and smart drugs

When compared to smart drugs, nootropics are better since they do not have the negative side effects that can affect the person using them over time, while smart drugs tend to have negative effects on the person using them, besides making the individual dependent on them. Smart drugs have caused a lot of concern over the years due to their functionality.

Nootropics are said to be safer and are very protective of the neurosystem of the person using them. They do not have a negative impact, despite being used for lengthy periods. The use of the drug puts one at very low risk.

Nootropics and improved functioning of the brain

The brain is sometimes not put to full use, being that the brain does not get enough oxygen, therefore it does not function to its full capacity. Actually, it needs some sort of ignition to work as it is supposed to.

For a long time, exercising has been said to be the best remedy for this predicament, but for those who have no time for it, they can compensate this by using natural supplements.

By taking supplements, you are already taking nootropics. Nootropics act as vasodilators which are responsible for getting enough oxygen supply to the brain; they do this by opening the blood vessels.

While some people take nootropics for long periods of time, some take them for shorter periods. Those who take them for shorter periods are looking for concentration, attention, focus, and memory enhancement.

Favorable nootropic for any individual

Everyone can take their nootropic of choice. People are different and they have different brain activity and functioning. This is the reason that scientists have been experimenting with the top nootropics that are known on the market. Nootropics are known to react differently in different people.

How nootropics can help

As time goes by, the world continues to grow both scientifically and technologically. Each day, the world becomes more technologically advanced, and for some, life becomes harder since there is more to learn.

Most of the time, our brains are overwhelmed by the amount of information we need to process. The brain’s ability to learn everything that is required results in it being easily stressed.

Buyer beware

With the use of nootropics increasing over time, people are beginning to create counterfeit drugs. The drugs are made and sold on the market as nootropics, even though their substances may be questionable, making it difficult to know which the certified products are and which are not. You are therefore advised to buy nootropics from a certified pharmacist, or qualified distributor, and to be careful when purchasing.


The use of nootropics has worked tremendously well for many people. Most people give it good reviews claiming it helps you become much more efficient than others who do not use the drug.

They can help you become more efficient and improve memory function and thinking capacity over what it usually is. They are also known to reduce stress and improve mood, and can also work to alleviate depression.

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