Nootropics Comparison

Nootropics Comparison

Racetam nootropics are among the most-known family of chemicals that are interesting and quite varied. The various racetams have unique and different chemical structures translating to production of varied metabolites, which then have different effects on the brain in varied ways. Below is a comparison of different racetams that are proven to have effective properties.

All the racetams have similar functions in which they work. They include:

Boosting brain metabolism

Racetams enhance brain metabolism by improving cAMP and ATP turnover, which then increases brain energy levels and their efficiency, as well as enhancing metabolism of phospholipids, which means increased brain protein synthesis.

Improve communication between brain hemispheres

Racetams improve communication in the area separating the two brain hemispheres, the corpus callosum. Increasing communication implies high levels of formation of ideas. This then translates to improvement in brain efficiency, hence increased thinking.

Despite the similar functions the racetams perform, each racetam has weaknesses and strengths that make it moreorless suitable for certain situations. Some of them are calmative, others stimulatory, others focus on thinking out of the box as well as enhancing focus.

Therefore, there are unique and varied functions performed by each racetam bunch and they include:

1.  Piracetam: Of the racetam family, it is the first and most researched supplement. Despite it being the first, it is not the strongest in the bunch.

Since its invention, multiple chemical structure variations have been made to it producing more potent and stronger racetams with different effects on learning, memory and cognition in the brain.

It is however the best recommended for beginners before exploring racetam’s stacks. The prescribed dosage of the racetam is between 800mg and 2,400mg to be taken twice a day, with a life of five hours

2.  Aniracetam: Aniracetam improve memory and cognition. Aniracetam has anxiolytic effects that increase confidence and reduce anxiety, making it unique. People choose it because of its ability to boost mood and decrease anxiety.

However, its effects are short-lived compared to other racetams. The effects go for four to five hours, translating to several doses in a day.

Of the racetam bunch, aniracetam is the best for anxiety, verbal fluency, social situations, and mood. Prescribed dosage of aniracetam is 750 mg to be take three times a day with food. This has a short life of about one to two hours a day

3.  Oxiracetam: Oxiracetam is a logic booster. It works wellfor mathematical situations and other tasks that require using logic. It not only improves cognitive functioning but is also a stimulant that boosts energy levels in the brain. The supplement is friendly to many people. It is the best in the racetam bunch for energy boost, logic and mathematics boost.

In addition, it enhances sound sense making. Prescribed dosage is 750mg a twice a day and its life is longer at around eight hours. It should not be taken in the late evening when almost retiring for bed

4.  Pramiracetam: Pramiracetam is among the effective nootropics as it has the ability to improve focus and memory. It is the best in the racetam family for boosting sharp focus and for long-term memory. Recommended dosage for pramiracetam is 300mg to 500mg, to be taken twice a day with food. The life of the supplement is five to six hours

5.  Noopept: Another racetam supplement is noopept which was first synthesized 1996. Noopept can improve BDNF and NGF expression with no tolerance.

It has an anxiolytic effect supported by problem solving and creative thinking. Noopept is taken at lower dosages of between 10mg and 20mg twice a day. The life of the supplement is the shortest of the racetams, at only 30 minutes.

Based on the varied effects the different racetams impact, you should choose two to three different types of the supplements in order to acquire your needed supplementation.

The above nootropics have different effects and hence, according to the desired effect after its use, you will be able to decide which nootropic is best for the results you want.

After using the varied supplements, based on their effects, you will be able to choose which racetam fits your desired effects. Your response should be based on the effects of using the various types, the dosage you used and how tolerant your body was to the supplement use.

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