LFI Enhance MHz Review

LFI Enhance MHz Review

LFI Enhance MHz seeks to combine an impressive eight of the most respected nootropic ingredients into one convenient daily pill.

The objective is to provide an entirely natural means of enhancing overall brain health and performance, including memory, speed of thought, focus, sharpness, mood and creativity. At the same time, the intention is also to reduce stress and anxiety.

Essentially, LFI Enhance MHz is aiming to deliver a total package to cover all basesin a similar means to what a multivitamin pill does for the body. It’s a pretty tall order, so let’s take a look at how well they’ve managed to deliver such an ambitious target.


There’s certainly a couple of interesting inclusions here, but there are possible questions to be raised about the quantities used.

St. John’s Wort is a very familiar inclusion despite its potential to cause side effects in certain circumstances, but the real surprise is the L-glutamine especially in such a significant quantity.

Even more given that bancopa and phosphatidylserine would be more effective in higher quantities than they currently have.

  • A total all in one package for brain health comprising of eight popular ingredients. It’s worth pointing out that many of these ingredients are well known and feature in plenty of other nootropic supplements, but it’s unusual to see so many packed in together. The worry has to be not necessarily how many ingredients there are but in balancing the quantity included. St John’s Wort is clearly the basis of this supplement:
  • John’s Wort (250mg) – depression and anxiety
  • Ginkgo biloba (50mg) – mental energy
  • Phosphatidylserine (125mg) – a good all-rounder for mood, focus, memory and protection against decline
  • N-acetyl L-carnitine (50mg) – prevents mental fatigue
  • L-glutamine (150mg) – an unusual inclusion, mainly used to prevent hunger cravings
  • DMAE (50mg) – a possible mood enhancer
  • Bacopa (100mg) – proven performer that enhances memory and reduces anxiety
  • Vinpocetine (2mg) – enhances memory
  • Huperzine A (10mg) – cognitive enhancer
  • Designed specifically to give an edge via superior cognition. LFI’s business mantra is based upon delivering the kind of high-quality supplements that simply assist with making people able to perform to the top of their potential. The Enhance MHz intends to do this by focusing upon not just enhancing the brain but also by protecting it against decline
  • LFI labs only use the highest grade non-propriety ingredients in all of their products. Enhance MHz is formulated in FDA-approved labs


  • A very convenient all-in-one nootropic that covers all aspects of positive mental well- being. Designed to be a total all-rounder that enhances every aspect of performance
  • Contains a number of ingredients that have a demonstrable track record in many other products. Together, they should all complement each other very well
  • Many people who have taken the Enhance MHz suggest that compared to other supplements, they notice this one is much quicker the take effect. Of course, it’s difficult to say for sure because all nootropics take effect at different speeds for different people, but it’s certainly worth bearing in mind
  • In a similar fashion, other people have stressed that this supplement is excellent when taken in advance of a workout. This is likely due to the large amount of L-glutamine included in the formula, as it is an ingredient commonly found in sports supplements.
  • USA designed and manufactured under license


The major issue has to be the quantity of certain ingredients used within the formula. While it’s an admirable effort at making an all-round solution, a number of the ingredients are believed to only be effective in a higher quantity than they are used in the LFI Enhance MHz formula. Most notable would be:

  • N-acetyl L-carnitine, which is seriously under powered in this product. Of course it’s perfectly plausible that in unison they still work, however it does make this a slightly unusual product
  • St John’s Wort is the most prominent ingredient, and while a proven performer, it is known to react badly with a number of medicines and conditions. Likewise DMAE is not recommended for expecting mothers.


By now, it should be clear that it’s really very difficult to pigeonhole the Enhance MHz nootropic, mainly because it has so many components!

On paper it would appear that the formula could use tweaking, but then anecdotally, those who have used this supplement are usually quick to express how well it has worked out for them.

If it does actually manage to deliver substantial benefits to overall cognitive performance as it suggests, then it has to be considered an excellent product. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a nootropic that manages to cover all the bases so effectively?

So overall, it’s onlyfair to give the LFI Enhance MHz the benefit of the doubt. After all, if it works for others then that’s what it’s all about, even if the formula certainly could be slightly altered for even better performance.

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