Are Nootropics Safe?

Through research, nootropics are normally known to be safe, non-toxic, but importantly, not terribly effective.

Additionally, many clinical trials have been conducted and most cognitive enhancers, or rather nootropics, have been found to be comparably safe.

Nootropic are to some extent important since they boost people’s performance, maximizing their productivity and crucially enabling them to succeed to their full potential.

Although these drugs might be receiving a lot positive attention, most people do not look at the possible dangers that might come as a result of long-term use of the drugs.

In spite of the fact that most researchers purport that nootropics are safe, most of them haven’t been studied on the basis of long-term effects, especially on the human body.

There are a number of cognitive enhancers and each have actions that should be considered before use and when thinking about their side effects.

In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the factors to consider when thinking about the safety of nootropics, and possible problems that can be caused by prolonged usage of the drugs.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Influencers of the side-effects of nootropics

Brain development (age)

It is a popular belief that at some critical stage of brain development, nootropics can be very helpful in as much as potential enabling is concerned.

However, it’s unknown to most people that consistent usage of the drugs may cause harm. Most people speculate that nootropics are good drugs that can actually improve your brain function and are important for your expected potential.

On the other hand, some believe that prolonged usage of the drugs may lead to dependence, and ultimately leading to an adaption that is related to its experience.

The facts on the ground are that prolonged use of the drugs before your brain is fully developed can cause some impairment that to the larger extent not be beneficial to you. If your brain is fully developed, there are much fewer risks that are experienced when using nootropics.


Research indicates that effects caused by nootropics vary greatly depending on the dose taken. When taken in high doses, these drugs have been found to boost brain areas that are effected during any substance abuse.

However, each nootropic has some guidelines on how the dosing should be done. The unfortunate thing with this factor is that some people may find the drug effective and then end up using it continuously more than it is recommended.

Possible negative effects of nootropics

Alteration of brain chemistry

Based on numerous brain scans that have been done, it is clear prolonged usage of nootropics is not safe as they can actually cause an alteration in your brain chemistry.

It is on record with certain researchers that these drugs can cause a shrinkage or an expansion of the brain based on the usage of the drug.

However, it is unclear about the response of the brain when one takes nootropics for a prolonged period of time, and then stops.


A number user reports indicate long-term use of nootropics can lead to a state where one cannot do without them. In other words, one becomes dependent of the drugs so that he or she can work, stay productive, and importantly, take tests.

It always important as a dependent user to warn other users about proceeding with caution when using nootropics so that they do not get themselves in the same predicament.

Memory impairment

Based on the research that has been done, it is speculated that continuous use of nootropics causes damage to the memory.

Additionally, this smart drug can cause brain-associated illnesses such as dementia. Therefore, it is always important for one to take enough measures before starting to use the smart drugs.

Perceived deficiencies

In most cases people fall into perceived deficiencies in the case of discontinuing the use of nootropics drugs.

When first discontinued, cognitive ability normally drops greatly below the baseline, but importantly, with time,returns to the normal state.

When these smart drugs are used over and over again for a particular period of time, some people get a belief they are incapable of going without the drugs.

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